Our projects - 2018

FM system in Tåsjö, Sweden, 323 m

On this 323-meters-tall mast nearby Tåsjö, Sweden, we installed an FM system with power splitters and jumpers. It was a system of 12 FM antenna elements produced by Kathrein. Together with the antenna system we also installed the main feeder HCA 400 with its total length of approx. 200 meters.

It was our first complete FM installation in Scandinavia. A short time of realization let us finish the erection of the new mast with no FM signal interruption on the existing one that is placed nearly 16 meters aside.

Mast FM / TV Tåsjö, Sweden

In Summer 2018 we erected a 293-meter-hight mast in the North of Sweden, in Jämtlands county near the Arctic Circle, north of Tåsjö. It was a quite challenging task mostly because of the location – close vicinity of an active mast standing only 16 ms away which caused clashes at all guy rope levels.

Once the erection of the mast was finished, we installed a self-supporting DVB-T antenna produced by Kathrein. It was approx. 22ms long and 5.5 T heavy. The works took 74 working days altogether.

Welcome to our photo gallery from that picturesque site.

Olympia FM/TV tower in Helsingborg, Sweden

This 121-meter-tall tower was erected from single elements within 60 winter days at the turn of 2017 and 2018. We erected the tower without a mobile crane but using a lifting system designed in PERFEKT WERNER. It was our next project in cooperation with Danish design company RAMBOLL for Swedish infrastructure operator TERACOM. At the top of the tower we installed 13-meter-long antenna with a weight of 4.5 tons. The location of the tower did not facilitate the erection as it was inside a sports site, next to public facilities and an old TV tower. Therefore we had to implement the highest standards in OHS and planning. The total weight of the tower was 76 tons.

Welcome to watch a YouTube video linked below to see more about us and the project.