Maintenance and repairs

Since 1995 we have been the only one company exchanging guy ropes on masts taller than 200 meters.

We inspect  a condition of masts and towers, perform replacements of complete structure sections, single truss elements, welded and screw joints. We repair damaged structure elements. We perform guy ropes preservation from a professional trolley moving along a rope and tended by two or three crew. We do all repair works connected to current operation of towers and masts.

To know more about it, we present some examples bellow.

Suwałki - Krzemianucha

We exchanged guy ropes that we had previously  prestressed. The work included exchange of all guy levels, starting at the lowest and finishing at the top one. We also prepared and installed new  tensioners at all guy foundations. We used ropes T1x61 diameter 36mm and 25mm.

Siedlce - Łosice

We exchanged guy ropes of I, II and III guy levels on a 308.1-meter-tall mast. Along with the exchange of guys and their equipment we prepared and installed new tensioners at all guy foundations. We used ropes produced by British company BRIDON with a diameter 35 mm and a nominal breaking load of 1190 kN.

Lublin - Raabego

At this realization we did turnkey reconstruction and of the mast main part, we overbuilt it and then installed an antenna system. All supporting structures up from +81m level were reconstructed with partial use of existing elements. The erection of a new mast was simultaneous with a dismantling of the old structure and successive replacement of cables and antennas from the old structure to the new one. All was done with no signal interruption.

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