Our projects - 2019

RTCN Krzemianucha, 211 m

In Autumn 2019 we worked at RTCN Krzemianucha near Suwałki in Poland. We exchanged guy ropes that we had previously  prestressed. The work included exchange of all guy levels, starting at the lowest and finishing at the top one. We also prepared and installed new  tensioners at all guy foundations. We used ropes T1x61 diameter 36mm and 25mm.

RTCN Jemiołów, 317 m

At the end of Summer 2019 we worked at RTCN mast in Jemiołów nearby Zielona Góra, west of Poland. We replaced a top antenna system. Despite several adversities we managed to meet the deadline and started up the antenna just in time which was important for Polish broadcasters.

First of all we dismantled an old 22-m-long TESLA antenna system. Then we installed a 16-bay, 19.5-m-tall and approx. 9-ton UHF top antenna produced by RFS. The antenna was delivered in two pieces. All was bolted and verticalised at the top of this 317-m-tall mast. Besides, we performed a new interface section where the core and the extension of the antenna was set up. We moved aviation warning lights to the extension. We also exchanged two lower and two upper cable connectors on 6 1/8’’ feeders.

RTCN Rusinowo, 320 m

In Spring 2019 we worked on RTCN mast in Rusinowo nearby Piła. We replaced a ZARAT top antenna system with a 16-bay KATHREIN UHF system with a superstructure. The total length of the antenna was 20 meters and its weight was 5.4 tons. We also replaced two cable connectors on the existing 6 1/8’’ feeder and we erected a new interface section under the antenna.

The challenge at this project was a hot work in extremely hot and dry weather conditions in the middle of a forest. We accomplished the work successfully also thanks to cooperation and insurance of the local fire brigade from Człopa.