Our projects - 2022

RTCN Płock Rachocin, h=260m

At the turn of March and April we exchanged all four levels of guy ropes on a 260-meter-tall mast in Rachocin near Płock in Poland. Along with the exchange of the guy ropes we installed new tensioners at foundations.

For new guy ropes we used ropes T1x61 with a diameter 36mm.

RTCN Siedlce Łosice, h=308m

Our next project in 2022 was installation of a 4-bay UHF TV antenna system in RTCN Łosice near Siedlce in Poland. To start with the installation of the new system we had to move the old 8-bay TV system on adjacent leg without a change in the electrical center of the antenna. Moreover we installed an RFS HCA 300 feeder ended with connectors 3 1/8’’.

Together with the antenna installation we reinforced a part of the mast structure and changed initial forces in guy ropes.