Our projects - 2012

TV/FM tower in Karlskrona, Sweden, 124 m

We erected a steel structure and installed a DVB-T antenna on its top between 12th Sep and 12th November 2012. The tower was designed by RAMBOLL Danmark and we were a subcontractor for the erection performed for TERACOM AB. It is a tube tower of  legs up to over 400-mm-diameter and to approx. 3 tons but there is no inner communication which altogether complicated the erection. The tower was located next to an existing old tv tower, a popular view point and a busy restaurant in Karlskrona city center.

An over 12.5-meter-tall top antenna of 4 tons was installed in one piece. We used different erection methods including an innovative crane device mounted on four legs of the tower. In 2013 the old tower was disassembled.

Tower in Różan

Installation of a KATHREIN antenna system on a 71-m tower in Różan with supporting superstructure erection and installation of a 5″ feeder.

SLR Żerków

Reconstruction of a steel structure on a concrete tower in Żerków including the replacement of the steel main mast with no broadcast interruption.