Our projects - 2016

The Palace of Culture and Science in Warszawa

Design and installation work related to replacing antenna systems at the top of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warszawa – I stage including a construction design and workshop drawings, partial dismantling of top antenna systems, preparation of supporting structures, installation of  reserve antenna systems and some feeders, erection of complete inner cable ways and partial outer cable ways, preparation for stage II.

RTCN Kosztowy

Calculations, design and installation works for FM antenna systems on a 355-meter mast in Katowice-Kosztowy including delivery of supporting structures, replacement of antenna systems – installation with wiring – at +224m  – 3 bays and +275 – 10 bays, erection of cable and access ways.

RTCN Kołowo

A TV antenna and a feeder disassembly, relocation of a DAB antenna system with a change in azymuths, installation of MUX8 antenna systems with feeders in Szczecin – Kołowo – main at + 220 m and reserve at +130 m.