the top spire - The Palace of Culture and Science
Poland Warsaw
Erection of a television tower
Sweden Karlskona
Erection of a FM / TV Mast - 293 m
Sweden Tåsjö

Recent Projects

RTCN Łódź Zygry, h=356,5m antenna systems replacement 01

RCN Koszęcin, 111,15mguy ropes exchange 02

RTCN Jemiołów, 317 mantenna system replacement 03

Borås FM/TV station, Swedenerection of a 304-meter-tall mast 04

Mast FM / TV Tåsjö, Swedenerection of 293-meter-tall mast 05

Olympia FM/TV tower in Helsingborg, Swedenerection of a 121-meter-tall tower 06

About us

Where passion finds experience and reliability meets innovative solutions - we have offered our professional building services invariably for 30 years in Poland and Scandinavia. From a design to start-up of broadcasting systems we are the leader in the home market of tall steel structures. There is no stalemate situation for us, no unattainable challenge, for we focus on maverick solutions and keep developing our skills.

Because PERFEKT is for Perfection.

1990The beginning of Perfekt Werner, the first installation at RTCN Lublin - Piaski
1995The first in Poland exchange of guy ropes performed by private company – RTCN Trzeciewiec H=314 m
1996Erection of 160 mobile telephony sites in the years 1996-2000
1999Turnkey design and erection of the first fully unmanned site – RTON Jagodnik
2003Design and erection of the mast in RTCN Żagań - Wichów
2008The first guy ropes exchange in Scandinavia – Bjerkreim, Norway
2016Design and complete reconstruction of the FM/ VHF antenna systems at the spire of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw
2017Emergency erection of a radio and television mast after a sabotage in Borås, Sweden, together with installation of an approx. 21-meter-tall UHF top antenna manufactured by Kathrein
2018Erection of a 293.5-meter-tall radio and television mast in Tåsjö in north of Sweden with the installation of an approx. 21-meter-tall UHF top antenna manufactured by Kathrein
The total height of all masts we have worked at.
If you stacked all the sites we worked at one on top of the other, you would reach the stratosphere.
The sum of guy ropes we have exchanged.
We could connect the Palace of Versailles to Disneyland Resort in Paris.
This is our average climbing distance during one project.
It is as if you climb Rysy Mountain three times a month.

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