Erection and demolition

Our offer includes complete preparation of radio and television sites. We perform turnkey projects. What is more, we demolish towers and masts. We specialize in erections and demolitions in places inaccessible for heavy equipment.

Erection of a mast in Tåsjö, Sweden

In Summer 2018 we erected 293-meter-tall mast in the North of Sweden, in Jämtlands county near the Arctic Circle, north of Tåsjö. It was quite a challenging task mostly because of the location – close vicinity of an active mast standing only 16 meters away which caused clashes at all guy rope levels.

After the erection of the mast was finished, we installed a self-supporting DVB-T antenna produced by Kathrein. It was approx. 22 meters long 5.5 tons heavy. The works took 74 working days altogether.

Erection of a mast in Borås, Sweden

The new mast was erected right next to what survived after the sabotage, which resulted in a number of clashes during installation of guy ropes – especially those additionally equipped in warning spheres. Sections were assembled in a frame designed for this purpose and their vertical erection was performed by our own self-mounting derrick. The mast is equipped in 5 levels of guy ropes with a diameter of 46.4 mm. On the top of the mast we installed a 20.5-meter-tall Kathrein antenna system with a weight of 4.6 tons. The antenna was erected in one piece.

We performed the erection during extremely harsh weather conditions but it did not prevent finishing in contracted time.

Erection of a tower in Helsingborg, Sweden

It was our next project in cooperation with Danish design company RAMBOLL for Swedish infrastructure operator TERACOM.

This 121-meter-tall tower was erected from single elements within 60 winter days at the turn of 2017 and 2018. We erected the tower without a mobile crane but using a lifting system designed in PERFEKT WERNER.

At the top of the tower we installed 13-meter-long antenna with a weight of 4.5 tons.

The location of the tower did not facilitate the erection as it was inside a sports site, next to public facilities and an old TV tower. Therefore we had to implement the highest standards in OHS and planning.

The total weight of the tower was 76 tons.

Erection of a tower in Karlskrona, Sweden

We erected a steel structure and installed a DVB-T antenna on its top between 12th Sep and 12th November 2012. The tower was designed by RAMBOLL Danmark, and we were a subcontractor for the erection performed for TERACOM AB. It is a tube tower of legs up to over 400-mm-diameter and to approx. 3 tons but there is no inner communication which altogether complicated the erection. The tower is located next to an existing old tv tower, a popular view point and a busy restaurant in Karlskrona city center.

An over 12.5-meter-tall top antenna of 4 tons was installed in one piece. We used different erection methods including an innovative crane device mounted on four legs of the tower. In 2013 the old tower was disassembled.

RTCN Przysucha / Kozłowiec

We performed a replacement design of a mast with its foundations in cooperation with Ramboll. The mast was designed as a steeltube framework construction with the height of 182.7 meters and a triangular cross section and the side length of 2.70 meters. The mast is guyed in three levels. As a subcontractor we carried out a turnkey erection of the mast, antenna systems and cables.

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